About Me

I am currently the Head of Design at M Media, a multimedia online platform, which allows users across the world to experience Lebanese media and entertainment. In this capacity, I’m the creative head of the digital platform, overseeing all the digital design efforts as well as the creative outreach experience.

From 2012 till late 2014, I was the Lead Designer at Mercury (a subdivision of M Media). During those two years, I managed a team of talented designers, whose tasks varied between digital and traditional media projects and campaigns.

My time at M media has sharpened my already existing interest in digital design having worked on mobile applications, large scale platforms and portals, as well as interactive games. Over the last two years, my design team delivered several digital products and platforms such as NOW, the news portal and Lebanon Games, a Facebook application, and President-2014.com

Before joining Mercury, I was a corporate identity designer at Brand Central, a division of M&C Saatchi Mena. My experience at BC included design and identity creation for several key local and regional projects. In my capacity as lead designer, I’ve led the team responsible for launching the Zain Telecom Brand in Saudi Arabia as well as the major re-branding of AUBMC and the Office of the Lebanese President.

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